10 Tips on Buying Property

The property is a promising investment, where the price never drops
tend to rise steadily. Every person wants to have a good property
houses, apartments, land, shop, business space, boarding houses,
warehouses, etc. The property will always be required for each person.

Because the property has a strategic value in the purchase must be careful,
must fit the needs and investment have value. Lest we regret it next
time because property prices are certainly expensive. We will review
tips on buying property, in this case including homes, land, shop,
apartment, business space, boarding houses, warehouses, etc.

Tips on buying property, there are:

  1. According to budget, calculate our budget and purchasing ability.
  2. The property is located in a safe area of disaster, the flood prone
    areas would reduce the value of the property sale. We must be careful in
    choosing a property. We avoid little mistakes as possible in selecting
    property, we should look for information about this before buying.
  3. We are looking for a house / property which is close to the place
    where we work everyday, we can focus on our work and we can have a
    longer time with our family.
  4. Good environment, the location
    must be safe for our family especially good for kids. The location
    should be good for children's education
  5. Access to public transport, whether around the house either through public transportation bus, taxi, etc.
  6. Close to public facilities, such as markets, banks, supermarkets, places of worship, fire department, police station, etc..
  7. Make sure you buy a property from developers with a good reputation,
    profesional and they never failed in doing the project. Don't let the
    project languish on a later date. Find out their track record before
    buying a property.
  8. The property have complete legality. Do
    not let us find the problem in the future, ask to sellers about a
    legality that they have offered.
  9. Make sure the developer has obtained all the required permits to build the projects.
  10. Providing mortgages, if we want to purchase on credit if the property
    can be purchased with a mortgage. Whether the mortgage be handled by the
    vendor or we take care of the mortgage itself. It is the exception when
    we want to buy property in cash. Please choose which one is most

The ten tips above can be a consideration in choosing a property, so that we become
secure in investing. The property is a long term investment,happy invest


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