The XML sitemap NOT WORK

drupal solutionI like drupal to build a website, Drupal is the powerful cms. In order for our site to have a good position in google we have to use SEO. One way of the SEO is create a sitemap.xml on our site.

The XML sitemap is a module of drupal to create a sitemap that conforms to, it will automatically submit to all search engines. It really helps our work in building a site that is SEO friendly.

Long time ago I was install the XML sitemap on my drupal site, then I deleted for a reason. And I installed it again, and the XML sitemap NOT WORK. I panic that I created the site for years suddenly does not want to generate sitemap.xml.

I go to the forums for a solution. I almost broke my spirit ..Some discussion about the XML sitemap have not give a solution for me. So I found a discussion on that page posted by cdpapoulias in # 9 and it's work for me. Big thanks for cdpapoulias..

What we need to do to make it work is disable all XML sitemap module and uninstall it from your site. Then clear all caches at admin / settings / performance. After that upload and install the latest XML sitemap.

We just do a little setting in admin / settings / xmlsitemap:
1. upadate cached file in the menu list
2. setting in menu search engine, select all for the following engines, set at 1 hour, and custome submission URLs
3. Settings in the menu settings, Minimum sitemap lifetime: 5 minute.

Now please try to open your sitemap.xml page, you can see my sitemap The problem in this issue has already been resolved. OK, good luck ...


Vermin Gray (not verified)

This problem usually comes up

This problem usually comes up in the Drupal platform so don't worry this will be solved immediately. buy twitter package


I agree, all problems will be

I agree, all problems will be solved. we must frequently visit forums to find new issues

Peter Thomas (not verified)

This is common issue in

This is common issue in Drupal. Most of the time xml sitemap does not work properly. The above solutions really help us to solve this issue. Thanks for sharing such a important information.


yeah, you are welcome Peter..

yeah, you are welcome Peter..

tamathapraska (not verified)

Thanks intended for

Thanks intended for furnishing this type of very good write-up.

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