Advanced Search Real Estate Drupal

Real estate website progress is very
encouraging, many of the personal, property agents and property brokers have a
real estate website. This website was built with different platforms, both the
framework and CMS like joomla, wordpress and drupal.

The most important and characteristic of the website of properties is the
advanced search feature to filter parts of the real estate, such as property
type, location, rooms, prices, etc.

Some 3rd-party developers that provide this module, a litle references to
advanced search framework and drupal, so we have to create it by our-self.

advanced search real estate drupal 7

CCK and VIEWS module very useful for Drupal lovers, we
can make many modules with the CCK and VIEWS. As real estate search, it was
made with VIEWS. Who want to create advanced search VIEWS module must instal views

If you've installed, we will make
VIEWS advanced real estate search now. To have the same perception I work with Drupal 7 and I use
taxonomy for filters on my real estate website, for example:










Let's move on .. open structure>
views, and then click add new views. In the first step we create page,
the display format is up to you. Add filter criteria, the content has
taxonomy term
and select the filter you want .. eg status, and type in this
case study. The most important thing at this stage is that we have to mark Expose
this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it and make a label
Select terms from vocabulary status that we want.

The next step to set the expose from, make in basic and Submit button
(eg =
apply, search, etc)

To be more cool, we
can add a field total
views, add fileds
- filter content
statistics. And the result will look like this cari property di Yogyakarta


Heather (not verified)

What precisely truly

What precisely truly stimulated u to create “Advanced
Search Real Estate Drupal 7 | Polarizz”? Itruly enjoyed the post!
I appreciate it -Mahalia


I love drupal, I want to

I love drupal, I want to learn and practice drupal. Thanks for your visit

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