Free Internet GPRS

I want to share you how to free internet GPRS, in this page I have focus on mobile device. First step you must have opera mini handler aplication, you can find here Opera Mini Handler. If you used Nokia Java, you must config it here to have file prov who is needed for configuration.

List of Indonesia Provider Configuration Free Internet below :

Http server:

Host 1 :
Host 2 :

Http server 1 :
Socket: http//
Host: leave blank

or use this server
Http server 2 :

browse in url : (new xl edition sim card)

3 (Three)
setting one
Http server :
Fq :

setting two
Http server :
Bq : ?


Winifredofido (not verified)

Good that you've shared your

Good that you've shared your knowledge about these things. I am pretty sure that many people are thankful to know this and to apply this in their respective cellular devices. Thanks for sharing. -buying soundcloud plays

Jim (not verified)

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Its really goo to know about that some facts and other points given here are quite considerable and to the point as well, would be so far better idea to look for more of these kind for having better and efficient results.
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