Full Applications Chat Facebook For Handphone or Mobile Phone

Facebook is the popular social networking, some services you can use are the update status (news feed), send message, fan page, create groups, chat, etc. Things that distinguishes facebook with other social networks such as fan page, create groups and chat. Users of PC much easier to use these features, facebook chat is a feature that is most favored by users but mobile phone users will have difficulty if they do not know the applications that must be used. It's ok, facebook has cooperated with the developers in particular to develop a chat application for mobile phones.

All Applications Of Facebook Chat are:

I will explain all the facebook chat application for mobile phones / handphones that I know along with a software description. This description will help you to find what you need.



Feature :
* Send any image from your phone to friends. Send directly from the camera or send from your phones memory!
* Improved stability
* More reliable contact list & groups
* Chat with all your friends, everywhere
* Type directly in your chat
* Set your avatar with your camera phone
* Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, Orkut (Google Talk), AIM, ICQ and MySpace buddies in one single buddylist!

If you can't connect with your mobile, it does not mean you can connect with a J2ME client. In many cases, you manually need to activate the Java settings in your phone.
Download Ebuddy


Feature :
* Chat in Yahoo!™, MSN® Messenger, AIM®, GoogleTalk, Facebook©, MySpace, Hyves, Nimbuzz
* Chat room with Nimbuzz friends.
* Text messaging (SMS), photo, send file, music, and video sharing (MMS) with Nimbuzz friends
* Make new friends

It is manually activate the Java settings in your mobile phone to make sure you can connect through Nimbuzz.
Download Nimbuzz


Feature :
* Chat in Yahoo!™, MSN® Messenger, GoogleTalk, Facebook©, MySpace, Mig33
* Chat room with Mig33 friends.
* Games
* Virtual Gift
* Avatar
* Create groups to find friends with similar interest.
* Users can send announcement, post photos, and more.

Mig33 is ultra light and optimized for mobile. With a small client size and data and downloads being kept to a minimum, lower cost for user.
Download Mig33


Feature :
* Chat in AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber.org, MSN, Rediff Bol, Yahoo!
* News & downloads - games, sports, celebrity news, horoscopes, ringtones & more
* Blogs & photos - post from your mobile , All the top blogs and photo-sharing sites supported: blog.com, Blogger, flickr, Livejournal, MyOpera, Photobucket, Typepad, Wordpress, Xanga

If you can connect to the internet on your phone, some phones requires additional settings for Java applications.
Download Trutap


It is an application facebook chat for nokia devices. This social networking application was not developed by Facebook. You can find this in OVI store that you can download it freely.
Download FriendChat


Slick supported :
- yahoo
- Google Talk
- Jabber
- Facebook Chat

Compatible with OS : symbian and android.

download slick


panduari (not verified)

Facebook is the best social

Facebook is the best social networking site

gad77 (not verified)

Great application...but get

Great application...but get stucked for my phone

jual aksesoris handphone

squard (not verified)

its very useful..keep it

its very useful..keep it simple for chatting everywhere ..thanks..

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jual sarung hp

Conrad Sheffield (not verified)

Mobile phone is one of the

Mobile phone is one of the most important gadget that a person could ever had. For a businessman, it is a necessity because it could make his life easier. For people who love social media, this is their toy.

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Facebook is the best social

Facebook is the best social networking site in the world so you have to set a suitable Facebook Quotesfor your profile just share it.


A perfect breakdown

A perfect breakdown facebook status to the problem may be teaching how to monitor Facebook chat with keylogger sister quotes software.

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