How To Get Verified Paypal With Account Local Bank

Paypal is an online transaction service International, it will help you to conduct transactions with bank customers in other country. If you have a bank account, you can join with paypal.

Credit card is needed to verified paypal, for those who do not have a credit card can also be verified paypal account which must contact the customer service for help as I have ever done.

The first step you need to sign up to paypal, this is his url address and select the account premiere. And complete this registration with account activation

The second step, you must login and click on contact us> send us>
select topic: Bank Account / Credit Card
select sub topic: Confirming A Bank Account
content message:
"I want to verified my paypal account but I dont have a Credit Card. Can you help me to verified my paypal with my bank account?"

The third step, check email confirmation from paypal. Next, you must have copies of documents of your Bank book and driving card (GIF / JPG). I've been using a copy of the document ID / Identity Card Kartu Tanda Penduduk for my ID Card (Indonesia Country) but this document unable to verified paypal. You must copying the driving card in two side, front side and back side. Send e-mail of copies of documents (bank book and driving card) to manualverified paypal, content message like below;

"I send you my copies of coduments to verified my paypal, there are:

1. My bank account: localbank.jpg
2. Driving Card: FrontSim.jpg, BackSIM.jpg

Its all of my documents, thankyou for help. "

The final step, please check your email wait Until 2x24 hours. Paypal will send you an email notification. You have verified paypal.


andrea (not verified)


Ok i will try.. thankyou

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